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What Role Do Auto Parts Recyclers Play in Protecting the Environment?

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As a motorist, you might not always have the cash to buy brand new OEM replacement parts for your vehicle. Fortunately, you can always buy used but genuine parts that match the make and model of the car you own from an auto recycler at a relatively lower cost. Auto parts recyclers are businesses that reclaim OEM parts from salvage vehicles and then stock the parts for sale. Aside from supplying high performance, low-cost auto parts to car owners, these businesses also play a critical role in environmental protection.

Read on below to find out how auto recyclers help protect the environment while providing motorists with the parts that they need at an affordable price.

Proper handling and disposal of hazardous substances.

When auto recyclers are reclaiming parts from a salvage vehicle, they are usually well-aware that all manner of toxic vehicular compounds, including fuel, lubricating oils, battery acids, antifreeze and refrigerant may be accidentally spilled into the environment. Inorganic materials such as zinc, lead, copper and chromium can also contaminate the salvage yard if not properly handled during the salvage. For that reason, auto recyclers normally adopt a number of best environmental management practices and industry-recommended pollution prevention strategies for salvage yards. This is meant to reduce the need for extensive cleanups as well as minimise potential environmental impact that may arise out of stormwater runoff. When it rains, accidental spillages and releases can be transferred from the salvage yards to adjacent properties and into waterbodies such as rivers and lakes.

Decrease in energy demand.

If auto parts were not recyclable at the end of a vehicle's service life, then all motorists would have no option but to purchase brand new replacement parts. This would increase the demand for new auto parts, which in turn, increases the need for factory-based manufacture of the required parts. Manufacturing auto parts from scratch requires a lot of energy, which is generated from planet Earth's natural resources. Auto recycling helps give auto parts a new lease of life. This, in turn, reduces the demand for energy required to make new parts. The energy savings go a long way in reducing the pressure on the planet's energy resources.

As you've read yourself, getting your car parts from an auto recycling yard is a good decision. Aside from bringing business to auto recyclers, you will also be boosting concerted efforts by auto recyclers to help protect the environment that you live in.