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Ladder Rack Options for your Roofing Business

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It goes without saying that to be a successful roofer you require the right tools of the trade such a ladder, marking chalk, tape measure, and pressure guns among others. One thing that most roofers forget to add to this list is the ladder rack, an important piece of equipment that secures the ladder as you move from one client to the next. While it is possible to secure your ladder using ropes, it does not guarantee safety for you, your cargo van, as well as third parties. A ladder rack is your best bet to ensuring that your ladder is safely secured on top of your cargo van. However, before making a purchase, it is imperative to know what the market has to offer so that you do not end up buying a ladder rack that does not meet your needs.

Utility Racks -- This is the most versatile type of ladder rack in the market currently. The reason it is considered the most versatile is that it not only secures ladders, but it is also capable of holding other types of loads, for instance, pipes, lumber trusses, and any other bulky loads that can fit on the rack. The utility ladder rack ensures that you always have enough room inside your van to carry additional cargo. Therefore, if you plan to manage client visits within tight schedules, then a utility rack is the best option. The frame design gives you an opportunity to load all the equipment you would need for each client visit.

Ladder Keeper -- The other type of ladder rack is the ladder keeper. Unlike other forms of ladder racks, the ladder keeper is mounted on the ceiling of your van. The advantage is that it keeps the ladder away from external elements that might damage it during transportation. If most of your customers are located in areas that experience strong winds or rains frequently, then it is best to go for the ladder keeper. Additionally, the ladder keeper allows you to get other equipment out of the van without necessarily having to move the ladder out of the way.

Drop Down Racks -- Today, ambitious roofers will opt for high roof cargo vans because they foresee a bright future. What better way to prepare for increased equipment and clients by going for the high roof van? However, this comes at a cost because loading a ladder on a standard ladder rack on a high roof van can be a problem. Notably, you might damage the ladder, cause injury to yourself, or even damage the vehicle. Drop down ladder racks are meant for these types of cargo vans. Drop down racks ensure that the ladder is at a comfortable working height thereby minimizing the chances of accidents. It is also one of the safest ladder racks because you do not have to stand on the rack to lower or raise the ladder.