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Things a Driving Instructor Wants You to Know as a First -Time Driver

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The first driving experience can be an unforgiving ordeal for most people, while for others, it is an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping experience to be able to drive around like a pro. For many learner drivers, the goal of getting behind the steering wheel and being able to actually control the car as required can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. Driving instructors see this as a normal experience which a majority of first-time drivers go through but that wears off with time. As a remedy, here are some important things that a driving instructor wants you to know as a first-time driver;

Everyone makes mistakes– As a first-time driver, you are bound to make a few errors here and there as part of the learning process. A few kerbs will be hit and the car will experience a few scratches, but with constant practice, the skill will be perfected.

A green light isn't always safe – Traffic lights are meant to control the flow of vehicles, but it is always important to pay attention to other careless drivers, especially at roundabouts and intersections. Always countercheck before accelerating through a green light.  

Maintain a safe distance - This is a no-brainer, as every driver is required to allocate enough space between their vehicle and the one in front. This will save you a great deal in terms of money and the time consumed in accident follow-ups.  

Always use turn signals – Just as many driving schools would advise, it is better to overuse than underuse your turn signals. This acts as a means to notify every road user of your intentions on the road, and it therefore averts collisions.  

Master lane change -  Always check the side mirror on the side of the lane you intend to move into. If unsure, you can physically turn and confirm that there is no vehicle on your blind spot. With the help of your turn signal, notify other road users of your intention and gradually slide to your intended lane. Always remember that the vehicles in the mirrors are usually closer than they appear.

Gradually Brake and Accelerate – Its quite annoying for a driver to instantly brake in front of you. As a passenger, the experience of both hard acceleration and sudden braking creates unwanted anxiety. As a driver, always anticipate stops and starts to enable gradual braking and acceleration. As a bonus, you will also experience good fuel economy from practicing this.

With this information at hand, you can confidently improve your driving skills and make in a more enjoyable experience. Be safe on the roads!