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4 Signs Your Car's Head Gasket May Need to Be Replaced

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The head gasket is put under immense levels of pressure during even everyday driving. It is responsible for forming a seal between the engine block and cylinder head, meaning that it must seal both the coolant passages and the combustion chamber, essentially resisting both the cold of the coolant and the heat and pressure of combustion. The head gasket can therefore begin to leak over time, and it may eventually fail altogether. Read More»

Is It the Transmission, or Is Something Else Wrong Under the Hood?

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If your vehicle sticks when you try to change gears, or seems to be stuck in neutral, these are usually signs that you need a new transmission, or at least some major repairs for the gears and other transmission parts. However, there can also be other things wrong under the hood that might affect how the car shifts and performs when you change gears. Note a few of those problems here; this can help you know what to discuss with your mechanic and what to expect by way of repairs. Read More»

What Role Do Auto Parts Recyclers Play in Protecting the Environment?

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As a motorist, you might not always have the cash to buy brand new OEM replacement parts for your vehicle. Fortunately, you can always buy used but genuine parts that match the make and model of the car you own from an auto recycler at a relatively lower cost. Auto parts recyclers are businesses that reclaim OEM parts from salvage vehicles and then stock the parts for sale. Aside from supplying high performance, low-cost auto parts to car owners, these businesses also play a critical role in environmental protection. Read More»

Often Overlooked Signs That a Car Needs Urgent Servicing

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A car doesn’t need to outright shut down when you’re on the road for it to need urgent car servicing; there are many telltale signs of needed repairs that a car owner would do well to learn to ensure the vehicle is repaired as soon as necessary. This will keep you safe on the road, help to avoid even larger repair bills in the future, and will also help to avoid excessive wear and tear on many of the parts under the car’s hood. Read More»